Inner to outter

11 Sep

Finding your inner beauty, is finding confidence in your outer appearance. It’s not easy, but love God and let god love and you will find that love!



About tomorrow..

25 Aug

I’m on the front porch waiting for you car,

and I’m thinking about the time we have and I know deep down in side, somewhere denied that your not the one…

But I’m leave tonight and worry about tomorrow when it come.
Its just you and me and this town, watching all the people that we know.
passing where we first met,

but I know inside
I’m trying to hid this fear of the unknown…
Were talking about our life to be, our children’s name’s, our future cause.

I wonder if you are thinking the
same as me, and what might now be.

But I’m gonna leave tonight with you,
I’m going spend this time in love with you
even though I know that this will end,
I’m gonna sit with you till our time is through
and we find ourselves on two many road so far away!

But baby always know, for every time I never told you
That I am so in love with you
I will be true, to only you.

Meal of the day

21 Jul

Tuscan soup!

Diced tomatoes
Pinto brand
Garbonzo beans
Small grain rice

Delicious and flavorful!

Road Home

18 Jul


Gluten Free Flour Tortilla

8 Jul

I have finally found the perfect combination of flours to make a taste good tortilla. I got tired of always having corn.
White corn masa
Rice Flour
Potato Flour
Corn starch
Xanthan Gum ( always use, helps keep it from crumbling)
Canola Oil

– I never really measure anything … My bad. Just play with it.

Pizza time

7 Jul

Today I made a homemade gluten free, vegan pizza and it is quite delicious!

Spinach, tomato, and yellow bell peppers with a garlic wine sauce, topped with basil.


6 Jul